Professional Training

SGVGRTC prides itself on being the only organization to provide a curriculum designed to teach new therapists about different types of grief including complicated, traumatic, anticipatory, prolonged, ambiguous, disenfranchised, and other grieving experiences. We also examine how the mode of death impacts grieving and how contemporary bereavement models guide the field of thanatology. In addition, the curriculum focuses on the needs of the grievers, the impact of grief on family systems, and how to address the needs of the community and special populations during community disasters. Training emphasizes the knowledge and abilities needed to be a skilled therapist and to actively listen and companion mourners through one of the most difficult journeys of their lives.

Continuation education programs (with CEUs) will also be available to the community to provide in-depth training on specialized grief topics, treatment interventions, and new developments in the field.

2021 training calendar – More details coming soon

Nina Gutin, PhDClinical Work with Suicide Bereaved4 hrs
Jennifer R. Levin, PhDThe Many Faces of Grief4 hrs
TBAPost Traumatic Growth
TBASelf-Care in Grief