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Grief Resource and Training Center

The death of a loved one is never easy and the grief that follows is a natural, universal response. Nevertheless, grief can present itself in many different forms and there are times when the circumstances associated with loss can negatively impact our functioning and well-being. Although not pathological in nature, unresolved grief can result in physical, emotional, social, and mental distress. Despite the widespread prevalence of individuals living with grief, there are insufficient grief resources available for those who have lost a loved one.

The San Gabriel Valley Grief Resource and Training Center (SGVGRTC) recognizes the unique grieving experiences and needs of its community.

SGVGRTC is the only local agency to specialize in grief education, provide low fee individual, family, and group therapy, provide community grief programming, and grief crisis services. Our organization values the unique experience of grief, access to care, collaboration, and inspires participants to grow through their grief journey.

SGVGRTC is a brand new non-profit created to support individuals, families, and communities experiencing loss. We provide skills and tools to initiate and sustain the healing process in grief. We are committed and trained in providing grief services to individuals of all ages, from diverse ethnicities and cultures, and with economic hardships that are living with unique grief experiences. Your charitable donations allow us to provide our services to those in need.

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